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Air sealing technician CV/résumé example

A résumé example filled out as an air sealing technician - a perfect template for those looking for a green-technology based role, particularly where LEED accreditation or similar qualifications have been obtained.

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About this CV template:

The idea of our CV examples is to show you what you might include in your own CV when applying for a similar role. In this case, the CV example is for an Air Sealing Technician role, but the template provides a good layout for any environmental / technical sector position. It starts with an area for key points which might include your best achievements, best skills or key qualifications that are going to be most relevant to the prospective employer. Use this top section to really shine - it represents the few seconds you have to make an impression when your employer picks up your CV. The later sections include space for all the usual information such as key skills and education. However, you also have areas for including specific credentials and specific experience relating to the role. These extra sections really help you to highlight how you meet the job specification and these are the areas that are most likely to help you get an interview.

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